Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Happy Family Portrait

Following on with the conversation between me and the unfortunate engineer whom i love driving up the wall so much....we had another episode only yesterday. So yesterday...we ended having up having me raving on my fetish for Lucy Liu again.

Me: I tell you a secret. My twin sister is actually Lucy Liu.

Chatter: *rolls eyes* What is it with you and Lucy Liu?!

Me: Oh we have the same eyes you know! Very exotic almond shape one. If wear eye shadow meletops kau. And we're both international actress also. Only that i'm better a bit. But i low profile she more femes a bit lor.

Chatter: *faints* Wh...why Lucy Liu???! There are plenty of other famous chinese actress also what. What about Gong Li? She's famous what.

Me: Not as femes as Lucy Liu lor.

Chatter: Eh she's huge in Europe okeh.

Me: Lucy Liu is huge EVERYWHERE. And she happens to be one of the best dressed celebrity in Hollywood, on par with dames like Cathrine Zeta Jones and Nicole Kidman you know. And she's chinese! Doesn't that make you feel proud a bit?

Chatter: Gong Li is chinese also what.

Me: Ya i like her also. Lucy Liu is my twin sister and Gong Li is our secret biological mother. That's why we so exotic.

Chatter: Arrrrgghhh!!!!! Why did i bring this up in the 1st place.....what was i thinking!

Me: Oh...and that Zhang Ziyi is the slut who stole Ken Watanabe away from me.

Chatter: Oh my god......what sin have i commited to deserve a friend like you.....ahhh!!!!! I'm getting a headache now!

Me: oh oh oh! I have another distant cousin who can help you also! She's not as pretty as me and Lucy Liu coz she's actually from Korea. But she's a very good doctor...can cure your headache.

Chatter: ?!?!?!?!!!

Me: Sandra Oh.

Chatter: Arrrrggghh!!!!! You know what i really better take a moment away from you before i smash the computer monitor.

Me: Ok lah ok lah dowan disturb you anymore lah. I dun wan to be responsible for your premature insanity wait. Very serious now okeh. I tell you bout my real family. I have an aunty from Ipoh.

Chatter: Finally! aunty from Ipoh. So what about her? What's so good (or bad) about her?

Me: ...........Michelle Yeoh. Toooott. (cepat cepat offline)