Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Flirting in Starbucks

Last weekend got leng cai cashier at Starbucks flirting with Lau Niang lei. Sungguh tak sangka merk tetap cantik menawan walaupun muka sudah tembam macam char siu pau. So i still have some holiday weights; bite my chinese ass if you dun like then.

So this guy, he's a really cute malay guy standing behind the cashier counter. He has the beautifulest eyes that sparkles everytime you look into it and he keeps on flashing this smile that makes me blush all the time.

Anyways here's me scripting the scene again.

Abg Starbucks: Hello Sir...gooood morning. Can i have your order please?

Lau Niang: (Still groggy coz baru dipaksa bangun by stoopit sisters yang gila shopping pagi-pagi buta) .....can i have a caffe latte please?

Abg Starbucks: Very well sir. Would you like any flavour with it? Caramel? Vanilla? Anything for you?

Lau Niang: No...just a plain one will do.

Abg Starbucks: No problem...(starts punching in the cash register and keyeing in my order) How are you today sir? (he squints his beautiful eyes at me wondering if i'm ok or not....in which i'm not!)

Lau Niang: I uhh.....definitely need my coffee 1st. Now.....*weak laugh*

Abg Starbucks: Ha ha ha....it's on the way. So are you local? *Insert killer smile*

Lau Niang: Umm yeah.....i'm local but i work in KL.

Abg Starbucks: Ahh....back for the holidays eh? Having a good time?

Lau Niang: Welll...i'm just catching on my sleep and shopping around...buying coffee. Ha ha ha!

Abg Starbucks: Well your coffee is ready sir. Would you like an extra shot with it? On the house *insert smiley face and twinkling eyes* (ohmigod...basah panties i okeh)

Lau Niang: That's really nice of you...but its ok....(can i have an extra shot of you instead) i'll be just fine.

Abg Starbucks: *Passes cup of coffee to me and looking curiously between me and my sister* Just curious....are you two together?

Lau Niang: Well.....she's my sister if that's what you mean. (Yes i'm very available so just fucking write your number on my coffee cup oledi!)

Abg Starbucks: Oh of course....ha ha ha haha! Here's your coffee and have a nice day sir. Do come again soon!

Lau Niang: Thank you so much....i'll see you around sometime *grins*

Grin returned.

Five minutes after i left Starbucks....

Lau Niang: Kanine cau cibai......i ordered the wrong coffee. I wanted iced latte! So hot how to drink?!?!

But never mind. Merk rela minum latte panas. That was the nicest latte panas i ever drank. Sedap walaupun panas. Did i mentioned how hot it was? Saya alah panas.

But it was well worth the wrong order....

PS: Dun you fucking dare ask me which outlet it was and what is the Abg Starbucks name. You think you can go and menyundal wif him hor. Fat hopes. Abg Starbucks is merk punyer....sapa nak mari merasa my golden nails dulu. Pastu i baptize with latte panas.